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We Are Power, We Are Change, We are Community. 

Reimagining Community Organizing for All

Enough Talk. More Action. 

Be Real and Listen to Our Communities.

We are No Cap. We are a region-wide, youth-led organization dedicated to supporting and empowering young, Black, and brown people from all backgrounds and upbringings. Our movement does not exist without community and culture, which is why we believe EVERYONE has a role to play in advancing collective power, igniting change for justice, and defending our communities from harm.

No Cap is the representation of all things, every person, all people, with no exceptions. Regardless of what your background is/was, we want you to join our movement! No experience is required, we only ask that you bring your “true” and “authentic” self as we continue to develop our base and transform youth into leaders.

Why do we do what we do? 

No Cap, we are tired of living in a world where Black and brown youth can’t flourish and thrive, or live in general for the fact of that matter. We acknowledge that our perception of the world impacts how we navigate it, which is why we are striving to redefine what community organizing is and looks like.

We believe that if you are a human being living in the community, you are a community organizer. If you live in an underserved community, that lacks access to clean parks, community centers, and healthy food, then you are not crazy for thinking that shit is not right and needs to get fixed. Are you constantly seeing police patrolling on your block, but not other parts of town? You’re not crazy for asking questions and calling out things for what they really are. Just because you grew up in poverty does not mean your livelihood should be controlled by others.

We organize and create space for relationship building, because we know “real” change will only come from the ground up. Reflecting on the way state and federal governments failed to address COVID-19 disparities, it is clear no one is coming to save us. We need to work together to look out for one another, protect our most vulnerable, and hold individuals in positions of power accountable for their actions. We are fighting for a future where we feel seen and heard.

This is the future that we fight for: Eliminate student debt; fund education, not incarceration; national $15 minimum wage; decriminalize marijuana; free housing for all; free health care for all; address food deserts.

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